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Архив за Май 2011

Хуст. Город. Май 2011

Вторник, 31 мая 2011

Из Тячева мы приехали в Хуст,  но смотреть город у нас сил уже не было. День выдался слишком уж насыщенным.  Потому мы пошли искать гостиницу, информацию о которой нашли в интернете. Собственно, это была не гостиница, а туристическая база.


Хуст. Замок. Май 2011

Понедельник, 30 мая 2011

После Тячева мы попали в Хуст. О самом городе я расскажу чуть позже, а начну рассказ я с того места, с которого Хуст, собственно, и начался. (далее…)

Тячев. Май 2011

Пятница, 27 мая 2011

В Тячев мы добрались ближе к вечеру, где-то в полпятого.


Recent Results of Liverpool

Среда, 25 мая 2011

Recent Results of Liverpool

This season, Liverpool has once again become a real contender for victory in the English Premier League. The team of Jurgen Klopp is the main competitor of Manchester City; a busy second half of the season is ahead of it, and the players will have to prove their ambitions.

This summer, the Reds enhanced their lineup significantly and were able to strengthen the problem areas in the defense noticeably. Due to this, Liverpool started to miss less goals (thanks to Alisson), and the effectiveness of the attack remained at the same level. Thanks to this, the team fights on equal terms with Manchester City for winning the EPL gold medals. Of course, the lineup and teamwork of Guardiola’s team is better, but Liverpool also has a number of advantages:

Individual skills of players. Do not forget that the Reds have the best player of the previous season, Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian still looks great, and together with Mane and Firmino they simply destroy the rivals’

Tactical flexibility. Yes, Klopp’s lineup and formation are about the same, but we should pay attention to the results. Last year, it was the matches with middle level teams and outsiders that was the main problem of Liverpool and did not allow the team to really fight for the title, but now there isn’t such problem.

It is not necessary to remind again that the last time the Reds were the first was in 1990, and for them australia livescores the victory is something incredible. And right now, Liverpool has the best potential for winning the title.

The team looks balanced and shows its maximum, not only against the rivals of the same level, but also against less cool teams. You can always follow the Liverpool score on the site of sports statistics. Here, the results of the team are given special attention. Thanks to the livescore you will know all the latest news from the team.

Reds’ Prospects in Second Half of Season

Much will depend on the club’s results in the international arena. It is not clear what is more important for Klopp, the English Premier League or the Champions League. Most likely, if the team still has chances in the championship, it is the internal championship that will become the priority.

However, the advantage of the current Liverpool is an excellent opportunity for rotation. The coach can change several players at once and it will not be fatal for that staff. Klopp is already conducting such experiments during the season. Closer to its end, the leaders will need more rest. In the long run, this can play a decisive role and become the main asset of the Reds in the fight for trophies in the international and domestic arenas.

Полонина Бреська-Драгобрат. Май 2011

Вторник, 24 мая 2011

Проснувшись утром второго дня, мы предались разнообразным порокам — фотографировали ручей и горы, катались на карематах по снежным склонам, и вообще — всячески оттягивали момент выдвижения к горе Близнице.


Тростянец — полонина Бреська. Май 2011 года

Четверг, 19 мая 2011

Поход, рассказ о котором я начал с водопада Труфанец, действительно начался в селе Тростянец. Водитель маршрутки высадил нас около одного из домов, которые стоят поближе к горам. Перепаковав рюкзаки, мы отправились вверх. Солнышко припекало, пиво вливалось в организм с приятным бульканьем. Правда, оный организм всячески намекал, что в горы он не хочет. Но — надо :)



Водопад Труфанец, Закарпатье. Апрель 2011

Воскресенье, 8 мая 2011

Вот и пришло время начать новую серию рассказов о наших поездках. В этот раз ее открывает водопад Труфанец, жемчужина Закарпатья и гидрологический  памятник природы.